Washer / Dryer Repair

For so many busy customers, the washing machine and dryer are the dual holy grails of the home appliance world. They allow you to take care of laundry without breaking a sweat and are absolute essentials in busy households full of workers, children, and potential spills and messes.


In the event that you are faced with a washing machine or dryer breakdown, it would be totally acceptable to follow suit and fall into panic. There is no need though; Bob’s Appliance Repair are on have to take over, and can carry out a fast, effective repair in next to no time!


The Essential Maintenance

We would never recommend attempting to repair your dryer or washing machine yourself; there are simply too many things which have the potential to go wrong, and you could end up costing yourself significantly more money than you will spend just investing in a professional. With this in mind, it is important that you unclog the filters on your devices regularly, clean out the machines, and remove any lint from your dryer – these can all reduce the chances of a breakdown.


When Do You Need Us?


There’s No Power

It sounds obvious, but make sure the dryer or the washing machine is plugged into a working socket and switched on. If you still have no life, give us a call.


There is No Drainage

Make sure that the drain outlet is free from clogging, and then let us take it from there!

There is No Spin

The most common reason for this is that the setting which has been chosen is too low. An overloaded machine will also reduce the spin, so make sure you check both these aspects before you seek our advice.


There’s a Puddle of Water

This is a clear and instant sign that something has gone wrong – give us a call ASAP before the problem has a chance to get any worse.


It’s Making a Strange Sound

If you notice your washing machine or your dryer making a curious sound, it is time to call in the experts.


It Doesn’t Go Through the Entire Cycle

This might be a simple fix, like a worn-out timer. It could also be a wide range of other issues. In any case, you’ll want to get it checked out by a professional.




It Is Too Hot

If your dryer overheats, give it a minute to cool by switching it off. Make sure you check the lint and vent and then let us take over if you still have no success


Let Us Help!

When it comes to getting your washing machine and dryer back to their very best, we can help to make your life easier. With amazing prices, experienced technicians, and a commitment to excellence, Bob’s Appliance Repairs have everything you need to regain control of the never-ending laundry which has no doubt started to build up around your home in the absence of working appliances. Never fear; we will have them both fixed in no time!