Ice Maker Repair

Is there really any better feeling than an ice-cold drink to be enjoyed on the most scorching of days? If your ice maker is on the blink, this may seem like a long-lost fantasy which you can only dream of, as you sit in the shade and sip your lukewarm beverage.


There is no need to panic, however; here at Bob’s Appliance Repair, we are experts at fixing everything from refrigerators to ovens…and are happy to enjoy a quick pit stop in the realm of ice makers! Our experienced technicians will tackle the problem in no time, and allow you to get back to enjoying the very coldest of refreshments as the mercury continues to rise.


What are Common Problems?

When it comes to ice makers, there are a few common problems which many owners have regularly reported. If you have any of these issues, try some basic tasks to eliminate the simple problems, and then call us in for the major repairs. Some common issues include:


No Action

Make sure that the button has not been accidentally set to ‘Pause,’ and that the ice bin has not overfilled. You should also make sure that the filter and water line are both free from clogs and debris, as this can hinder production. If you still have no luck, it could be a frozen valve, and you need our help!


No Ice Is Dispensed

A common reason for this is that the control arm has been nudged; you may just need to replace it to the proper location. Also check that the bin is not full, as this automatically stops ice form being created and dispensed. You should also make sure that the temperature is correct; if it is too low, it can freeze the ice before it gets the chance to reach the mold and become a fully-fledged ice cube.


Make sure you check all of these aspects and try again. If you still fail to dispense any ice, it is time to let us take over and repair the problem!


Ice Production is Down

If you notice that the quantity of ice being made is starting to fall, check that there are no clogs or kinks in the line and that the temperature is not causing the water to freeze. If these are both clear, give us a call.



A leak is a clear sign of a problem and needs to be investigated quickly before the issue has a chance to spread and get worse. Make sure the ice maker is situated on a flat, level surface, and that the water supply line is flexible and free from any damage or blockages. Once you have established this is not the case, get in touch!






Get In Touch!

Make the most of every sunny moment; give us a call today to arrange your repair appointment, and before you know it, you could find yourself kicking back and relaxing in the sun, with an icy cold delight firmly in your hand!