Freezer Repair

Whether you are a stressed worker, a busy parent, a harassed student, or some combination of all of the above, there is a high chance that your freezer will play a pretty crucial role in your daily life. These are the appliances we turn to for comfort food, a way to save valuable cash via bulk-buying, and a priority item which so many of us take for granted.


When something goes wrong with your freezer, it can seem like a nightmare; you will be plagued with visions of an expensive replacement, and a host of wasted money in the form of food. At Bob’s Appliance Repair, we are dedicated to getting you back up and running in no time, and strive to help cause you the absolute minimum in disruption.


What Might Go Wrong

Some of the most common issues you may encounter with your freezer include:


  • Excess Noise

If you notice a lot of banging, knocking or crunching, it is a good idea to give us a call to check out the problem.


  • Too Much Frost

You may think that a freezer can never have enough frost, but a build-up can cause damage to your appliance. You should check the temperature, which should be no lower than 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and make sure that the door is always closed properly.


  • You See A Leak

A leak is a clear indication of a problem and could be caused by a valve, a faulty water line, an excess of condensation, or a host of other issues which can be easily identified and rectified by one of our experts in no time.


  • There is no Life

If the unit is failing to work at all, you should first make sure that it is plugged into a working socket, and that there are no issues with the electrical current. If all seems above board, give us a call to check it out.


  • It Fails To Frost

If your freezer has too little frost, start by checking the temperature – it should be no higher than 0 degrees Fahrenheit. You should also make sure that it is not too full; this restricts the space in which the air can circulate, and can block vents which leads to issues with freezing. As a rule, you should aim to have your freezer filled to at least 70% capacity, but no more than 85% – this allows the opportune space for the air to do its job and allow the freezer to freezer properly.

Contact Us and Get the Problem Fixed By Pros!

When it comes to carrying out your freezer repair, it is the best idea to let the experts take over. Here at Bob’s Appliance Repair, we can offer a team of highly-skilled, qualified and experienced professionals who will take the stress out of any repair job. From leaks to a lack of frost, no problem is too big or too small, and we are determined to make sure you experience the highest possible level of service every time. Get in touch today!