Dishwasher Repair

Of all the inventions we have been blessed with in the modern world, the dishwasher is likely to rank pretty highly on the list for most of us. This is a life-saving appliance which eliminates dirty dishes from your life, freeing up your time and energy for far more interesting and important tasks.


Our dishwashers are so essential that it is hard to imagine life without them. In the event that your appliance breaks down, your number one priority will be getting things up and running as soon as possible – and we are the guys who can help you achieve this!


Signs That You Need Some Help

The Dishes Stay Dirty

Make sure you are scraping food off after every meal, and that the machine is not being overloaded. If the dishes stay dirty, you could have a problem.


Dishwasher Not Starting

If there are no signs of life, check that it is plugged into a working power unit. If you hear a humming, there could be a problem with the motor – time to give us a call!


It’s Not Filling

If your machine doesn’t fill up properly, or you are able to open the door mid-cycle, there could be a more sinister problem lurking. Our experts will have this repaired in no time!

It Keeps Filling

If the dishwasher chooses overfilling instead of underfilling, you could have a broken float switch or a faulty timer.


The Water Doesn’t Drain

The most common cause here is a clogged filter or drain, so give these a clean first.

It’s Leaking Water

A leak is an obvious visual sign that something has gone very wrong, and should be investigated by a professional as soon as possible.



The Door Won’t Latch

Most dishwashers will include a safety feature which prohibits the cycle from running if the door is not closed correctly. If this cannot be achieved, there could be a problem with the latch or fitting.


It’s Noisy

If your dishwasher starts to sound like it has been possessed, this is a good time to call in someone who knows their stuff. Save the exorcist for later; we can identify a range of issues which can cause your dishwasher to sound pretty unhealthy and can repair them in no time.


Call the Top Dishwasher Repair Company in Johns Creek, GA

When it comes to dishwashers, users will be faced with a combination of water and electricity, and these are two frienemies who are never advised to meet. Unless you are trained and qualified, this is a repair job which is best left to the professionals for your own safety; things can get seriously dicey when there is electricity involved!


Attempting a repair yourself could also cause more damage, and this could end up costing you far more money in the long run. Save your cash – and your blood pressure – and give us a call today. We will have your dishwasher running like a dream in no time – and at a super competitive cost with no hidden charges!